Terms & Conditions

Thank you for purchasing our products for the sake of excellent quality of products. We certify that our products on this warranty is free of defect in materials and workmanship and the end user is entitled to this warranty subject to the terms and conditions listed belows:
1. From the date of purchase (please keep the receipt), during the product warranty period (except for casing, accessories and some spareparts), if the machine is damaged or malfunctions, the machine will be confirmed by our technicians. The fault occurs under normal use. The company will provide free repair and replacement of parts, any replaced defective parts will be owned by the company.
2. This warranty is invalid in the following cases:
(a) If the product has been damaged out of misuse, negligence, accident and natural disasters;
(b) If the product has been repaired or modifield by any technician other than NAKADA GROUP (M) SDN BHD;
(c) If the product serial number has been altered, affaced or removed;
(d) Fail to follow the instructions and is affected by improper installation;
(e) Products for commercial use;
3. The company shall not be liable for damage caused by any during repair or transportation / indirectly causing losses.
4. Customer will be requested to bring the product or bear the transportation cost to our service centre whenever service is required.
(a) All machines will be notified to our customers for the first time. If the customer receives the notice, they must retrieve the machine within 90 days, the company has the right to dispose of it.
5. Please keep and present this warranty card together with the official purchase receipt to our customer services / technicians for provide the free inspection or repair service.
6. For more terms of warranty, please check the warranty card, thank you!
Note: The content is subject to change without notice.